Artelore starts its activity in 2005, the management team comes from the import-export sector, being pioneering in different areas since more than 30 years.

Having a very developed "Know How" based in the experience, they begin to work in Artelore´s project exploiting the already consolidated infrastructure and logistic in the International market.

Remarkable Moments:

In 2007 Artelore Home stops being an idea to become a reality after more than 2 years of market research. Since the beginning, and having present the importance of make Artelore public, we have the target of being present in several furniture and decoration exhibitions such as Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona or Portugal. For example, in Madrid exhibition more than 1.000 orders are made in less than five days.

Knowing the importance of being present in the Media, a very strong investment in advertisement and web tools is made with the purpose of reinforce a strategic line that is considered very important since the beginning.

Design and marketing departments born in 2008 and with the efforts done in advertisement and market online, Artelore achieved to be present in the main furniture and decoration national magazines as (El Mueble, Nuevo Estilo and Interiores)
The foundation of our first website puts Artelore in a leading position in the furniture marketing on line.

Artelore, looking for improvements and new challenges, moves out in 2009 its offices from Shenzen to Beijing to reinforce the quality and control of all the processes of all the Asian market. During this year we made the first exports to Russia.

Artelore, betting very strongly to export his Brand to the rest of the European Union and to entry in the new markets, creates the Italian commercial network in 2010 and the French one in 2011. In this way, Artelore can give a personal attention to the European customers.

Nowadays, the 70% of the furniture of our catalogues is designed by Artelore and the manufacture process has been controlled by our own staff.
Our main target is to continue incorporating new products designed by Artelore, to double the number of articles of complement, decoration and gifts and to widen our commercial net to other countries.